Our Beginnings
The Name I Wanted Was Taken started back in 2005 when Jonathan Bloom, formerly known by the internet alias CarLBanks, put his webcam in front of his cat and produced the 20 second clip called Tab The Killer Cat for a contest on The Screen Savers. His video got on the show. Sadly, Tab is no longer with us-he ran away and has never returned. That darned cat!

A year later in early 2006, he was bored and decided to take some stuffed animals and create The Mr. Fluffles Show. It was a very crude and was merely done as an experiment. He later on started other shows like The 7 O'Clock News, Carl's Neighborhood, and the Tony D. series.

He was a member of the videoblogging Yahoo Group where he met people like Paul Knight, Casey McKinnon, and others. These people helped to encourage him and Paul Knight even fun4ded the green screen that we use.
VON - Video On The Net
These three conferences played a major role in the future of The Name I Wanted Was Taken. The company started as a hobby and soon became the marketing entity it is today. Jeff Pulver and Chris Brogan are major mentors to us and we owe a lot to them.
In February of 2007 Jonathan received an email from Chris Brogan and Jeff Pulver inviting him to the VON conference. He went and learned a lot about video creation and the important role video can play in marketing.

He was also invited to the fall VON conference that year and he went to PodCamp Boston 2. He decided that video was his passion and so was marketing. He started getting serious about video, it was no longer just a hobby.
The Present to the Future
Today we are a marketing and media company. We do marketing for different companies and also create products of our own. We produce podcasts and promotional media. The 7 O'Clock News and Tony D. series are two of our biggest podcast series.

The future looks bright for us and we look forward to seeing what's to come. Thank you for being along for the ride and it's only going to get better.

It all started with Tab the Killer Cat


Jonathan Bloom - Founder
David Bloom - CEO

Video Contributors:

Pedro McDonald
Melissa & Scott
Jake Zole
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