Where Are We? Business Projects

If you are wondering where we are right now, well some good and bad news!

Pedro McDonald is currently attending college for broadcasting Using the things he learned his time at The Name I Wanted Was Taken working on our videos and The 7 O’Clock News! He is around and is moving on up to the east side! He is doing awesome!

Jonathan Bloom is working on his education as well as working on a lot of different business projects. This means less time for making fun videos at the moment.

So we are still around, just right now we are busy with a lot of projects. That doesn’t mean we will go away, far from it! 😀 The future is bright!

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New Frontpage

We have a new frontpage to The Name I Wanted Was Taken. We are rolling out the changes slowly so we do not mess up any URLs or badly damage the site like when we moved to and from Drupal back in 2007-2009.

These changes are part of my effort to bring the site to WordPress 100% and help make it easier to update.

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The song I’ve Got TVs In My Brain is now on Amazon MP3!

Buy now on Amazon MP3

Listen to it on MOG

Buy Now on Shockhound

Listen to it on Napster

Buy on iLike

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I’ve Got TVs In My Brain IS NOW ON ITUNES!

You may remember our song I’ve Got TVs in My Brain, if not here it is:

Well, we are NOW ON ITUNES! Woohoo!

I've Got Tvs In My Brain (feat. Collin Seward) - I've Got Tvs In My Brain (feat. Collin Seward) - Single

This is great news for us and we hope to be on other services very soon. This song is still one of our favorites and we love how zany and weird it is.

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New Community Section now OPEN!

I am proud to announce a new Community section. This new section houses our brand new forums, the blog and our Minecraft server!

I hope to use this to help foster and grow a community around The Name I Wanted Was Taken. I’ve wanted to do this for a while, but didn’t find the right way to execute it-UNTIL NOW! 😀

I’ve moved the blog to the community section, because I feel that the blog is one of my ways to reach out to you-the community. It’s not about you finding out about us, but us talking to you.

Hope you enjoy the new community sections!

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Has it really been a year?

We at The Name I Wanted Was Taken would like to wish you a Happy New Year!

We hope you enjoyed 2010 and also enjoyed our videos. We will have more in the coming year so stay tuned!

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Essential Tool: SmartSound SonicFire Pro 5

I’m not being paid to write this, I’m writing this because I love these essential tools. I am not getting compensated at all and only do this to share with the world.

One of the most essential tools to us is SmartSound SonicFire Pro 5. I used this program in Pinnacle Studio and you can see it in earlier 7 O’Clock News episodes. I also have used it in some of my ads and videos. It is even used for the opening to The 7 O’Clock News. We are beginning to use it for even more of our projects. This tool is amazing and I’ll explain why.

Say your producing video, audio, or any other type of multimedia. You finish your project and want to add a little spice and flavor. You find a piece of music, but it’s too long or it’s too short. Or the instruments are too noisy during a piece of dialogue. With SmartSound you can find a piece of music and then trim it to the exact time of your clip. The music then rearranges your music’s composition and makes it so it’s not just repeating the same loop over. It varies the music. All of their newer pieces allow you to alter the actual instrument groups. You can set a mood of dialogue by selecting a preset (you can also modify the presets even further) and your music is quieter during the dialogue with reduced guitar or drums and is back to business afterwards. This has been a great tool for us and adds a lot to the feel of the media.

You also do not have to worry about licensing or royalties because the music comes royalty-free at a pretty affordable price. If you need a cue sheet to prove what you use-SonicFire will output it for you with the length, the time the audio came in and who is the composer and publisher. This is great for legal purposes.

You can also use SonicFire for sound effects, they have really high quality sound effects, and you can add hits to your music like cymbal crashes, drums, etc.

The program has an immense database of songs and you can always look for another piece of music if something doesn’t fit your project. The library keeps growing every month and are always high quality pieces. There is also a wide variety of music types and choices. The music never seems cheap to me and some people have asked me how I got such a high quality and customized piece of music on our budget.

If you would like to learn more about SmartSound SonicFire Pro 5, visit http://smartsound.com/ (not an affiliate link). I hope this tool proves to be as useful to you as it is to us.

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Yo Dude, Thinking of College?

Yo Dudes, this is Tony D! Jonathan let me post on the main TNIWWT blog. This is kinda scary dudes! I feel like I’ve got A LOT to live up to when I post here. I wanted to let you know that he is entering a college scholarship essay contest and he has produced a video for it. It’s called “College Revolution” and he asked me to help act out his thoughts. Dude, I was scared and this was not a small project either. I kept walking into his office during the editing and he would tell me to leave because I was distractin’ him by asking so many questions on life! Dudes, please take a look at his awesome video essay submission!

-Tony D.

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Essential Tool: The Levelator

I have some tools that are essential to my everyday production of video and audio files. One such tool is The Levelator, This tool takes the audio that I produce and levels it out. So the dialogue isn’t too low or the music isn’t too loud and makes everything sound more enjoyable. This has been a tool we used for all of our SuperBug Take 2 episodes and other different projects. This has to be one of the simplest tools I’ve ever used and I get great results from it! Plus, it’s free!

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New Book – Cobwebs to Lightning

Cobwebs to Lightning

My grandfather, Elwyn Williams, has written a lot of poems and thoughts over the years. This Christmas we surprised him by publishing his book on the Kindle and in printed form.

You may buy his book in hardcover form for $19.99, paperbac for $11.99 and on the Kindle for $5.99

View and buy Cobwebs to Lightning now

We hope you enjoy this book.

-Jonathan Bloom

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