What is podcasting?

I went to two VON conferences back in 2007 and have attended PodCamp Boston 2 & 4. I have invested a lot of time and energy in podcasting. I’ve learned a lot about it since 2006.

Podcasting at it’s root is the process of creating audio/video and putting it into an RSS (Really Simple Syndication). The feed is then added to iTunes, a podcast site or anywhere people wish to view the file.

The reason a feed with media is important is because, in my opinion, when you create a podcast-your “cast”ing out a “pod”. The pod can be an audio or video file and then a podcatcher, like the ones I mentioned above, retrieve the podcast file and present it to the viewer. This separates podcasts from simply streaming the video file or posting it on a webpage. This doesn’t mean that you can’t also stream the media or post it on a webpage. We do this on all of our podcast pages, you can get a podcast feed AND also view the video/audio in the post.

What you can create a podcast for is up to you! The format of it is up to you! There are guidelines,  BUT these are only advice to help you make the best podcasting experience. The medium is always evolving and what may be true at one point-may be false later on. You can make a podcast about anything and for any purpose. You can make a podcast for fun or for profit. You can make a podcast discussing a fansite or use it promote a new book you’re working on. What you do with podcasts is up to you! The field is so vast, there’s no end to the opportunities!

In closing, a podcast is media that travels through a feed to the user and then the user catches it however they wish. You can do anything with podcasting and the field is always changing. So go on out and make a podcast! Let me know what your podcast is and I’d be happy to check it out! You never know, I may just add it to iTunes.

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