Where Are We? Business Projects

If you are wondering where we are right now, well some good and bad news!

Pedro McDonald is currently attending college for broadcasting Using the things he learned his time at The Name I Wanted Was Taken working on our videos and The 7 O’Clock News! He is around and is moving on up to the east side! He is doing awesome!

Jonathan Bloom is working on his education as well as working on a lot of different business projects. This means less time for making fun videos at the moment.

So we are still around, just right now we are busy with a lot of projects. That doesn’t mean we will go away, far from it! 😀 The future is bright!

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The song I’ve Got TVs In My Brain is now on Amazon MP3!

Buy now on Amazon MP3

Listen to it on MOG

Buy Now on Shockhound

Listen to it on Napster

Buy on iLike

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I’ve Got TVs In My Brain IS NOW ON ITUNES!

You may remember our song I’ve Got TVs in My Brain, if not here it is:

Well, we are NOW ON ITUNES! Woohoo!

I've Got Tvs In My Brain (feat. Collin Seward) - I've Got Tvs In My Brain (feat. Collin Seward) - Single

This is great news for us and we hope to be on other services very soon. This song is still one of our favorites and we love how zany and weird it is.

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New Community Section now OPEN!

I am proud to announce a new Community section. This new section houses our brand new forums, the blog and our Minecraft server!

I hope to use this to help foster and grow a community around The Name I Wanted Was Taken. I’ve wanted to do this for a while, but didn’t find the right way to execute it-UNTIL NOW! 😀

I’ve moved the blog to the community section, because I feel that the blog is one of my ways to reach out to you-the community. It’s not about you finding out about us, but us talking to you.

Hope you enjoy the new community sections!

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New Book – Cobwebs to Lightning

Cobwebs to Lightning

My grandfather, Elwyn Williams, has written a lot of poems and thoughts over the years. This Christmas we surprised him by publishing his book on the Kindle and in printed form.

You may buy his book in hardcover form for $19.99, paperbac for $11.99 and on the Kindle for $5.99

View and buy Cobwebs to Lightning now

We hope you enjoy this book.

-Jonathan Bloom

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It’s Christmas at The Name I Wanted Was Taken!

You may have noticed that it’s snowing now on The Name I Wanted Was Taken. You might also have noticed our pretty decorations we’ve put up. We’ve decided to decorate for Christmas this year and we brought out the decorations that were stuck in the attic. I know it’s before Thanksgiving, but Thanksgiving is a great time to begin decorating.

From all of us at The Name I Wanted Was Taken, We Wish You a Merry Christmas!

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New feeds for podcasts!

I have just added feeds for all of our podcasts. You can find the feeds on the sidebar of each podcast. The iTunes feed for SuperBug Take 2 has been fixed and iTunes feeds for The 7 O’Clock News and Morning Radio are on the way.

Hope you enjoy the new feeds!

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New Podcast – Morning Radio

Pedro McDonald has created a new podcast called Morning Radio. This podcast is about a fictional radio program that is producing it’s own podcast. Yeah, kind of like another show we like to watch about people working in a corporate office environment. :)

You might even see me in that podcast! 😉

Check it out soon!

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New Website Launched

We just launched the new TheNameIWantedWasTaken.com and things so far are going smoothly.

This new redesign takes into account all of the stuff we’ve learned since 2006, primarily the Do’s and Don’ts of designing a website. We thank you for your patience and if you have any suggestions or you find any errors (like broken links, glitches, etc) please feel free to contact us!

Thank you very much and we hope you enjoy the new site. You might want to check out the podcasts on our site.

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