New Frontpage

We have a new frontpage to The Name I Wanted Was Taken. We are rolling out the changes slowly so we do not mess up any URLs or badly damage the site like when we moved to and from Drupal back in 2007-2009.

These changes are part of my effort to bring the site to WordPress 100% and help make it easier to update.

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Yo Dude, Thinking of College?

Yo Dudes, this is Tony D! Jonathan let me post on the main TNIWWT blog. This is kinda scary dudes! I feel like I’ve got A LOT to live up to when I post here. I wanted to let you know that he is entering a college scholarship essay contest and he has produced a video for it. It’s called “College Revolution” and he asked me to help act out his thoughts. Dude, I was scared and this was not a small project either. I kept walking into his office during the editing and he would tell me to leave because I was distractin’ him by asking so many questions on life! Dudes, please take a look at his awesome video essay submission!

-Tony D.

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Essential Tool: The Levelator

I have some tools that are essential to my everyday production of video and audio files. One such tool is The Levelator, This tool takes the audio that I produce and levels it out. So the dialogue isn’t too low or the music isn’t too loud and makes everything sound more enjoyable. This has been a tool we used for all of our SuperBug Take 2 episodes and other different projects. This has to be one of the simplest tools I’ve ever used and I get great results from it! Plus, it’s free!

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