The Name I Wanted Was Taken has been podcasting since 2006, remember when YouTube wasn't a household name? Wow....

We have amassed a large archive of videos and here are some of our recent podcasts.

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A podcast by a Blizzard fangnome about World of Warcraft & geeky stuff.

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The 7 O'Clock News

Want to watch the news? No? Yeah, we thought you wouldn't. Which is why you will want to watch The 7 O'Clock News! Completely NO news ever! How awesome is that?

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Latest Episodes:

SuperBug Take 2

SuperBug Take 2 is a rewrite of the original SuperBug series. This time we actually scripted it and we filmed it on a better camera-an iPhone! The acting is the same though and we couldn't fix that. We hope you enjoy this re-imagining of a not-so-classic series.

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Latest Episodes:

The Tony D. Zone

Tony D. is back and is podcasting!

It all started with Tab the Killer Cat

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