Episode 16: The Eaglefather


Old friends return and a flaw is revealed in EvilCo’s evil plan.

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Episode 16 is coming

Don’t be alarmed, Episode 16 is on it’s way. I’ve got all the footage loaded into Premiere, just need to put the finishing touches on it when my laptop gets back from the shop.

Oh and I apologize for the 404s people were getting earlier, I do not know what happened, but I got it fixed.

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SuperBug FanCast Episode 45


Hello, Welcome to another episode of my monthly SuperBug Fancast. I can’t believe we are already up to 45 episodes. In this episode I recapped what’s been going on recently in SuperBug, attempted to interview Freddy Jackson who plays the Hacker, and read some viewer mail before being interrupted by my mom. Hope you enjoy. Leave a comment on my site if you enjoyed it and if you hate it-don’t say anything at all.

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Episode 15: Video Games


I’m too lazy today to make a description. Just watch the video. OK, if you insist, EvilCo has a new ad and there is a talking pipe. There, happy now? WHAT? You don’t understand what I just said? Tough! WATCH THE VIDEO ALREADY!

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Episode 14: Water, Water, Everywhere


The King of EvilCo is being haunted by a talking water glass. Yes, we know that sounds crazy, but trust us….it’s not!

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Episode 13: Holey Moley


There’s a mole in EvilCo and the Mafia is brought in to try and figure out who it is.

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Episode 12: Hacker Pwns SuperBug


SuperBug meets a surprising fate and he brings cookies!

Find out what happens next when Episode 13: Holy Moley premieres on TNIWWT.com/SuperBug on Chad’s Independence Day – August 11th, 2010!.

Recorded on an iPhone.

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Spiderman 4 is a Reboot? WHAT?

Spiderman 4 was scrapped and it’s going to be a reboot of the origins of Peter Parker. http://www.deadline.com/2010/01/urgent-spider-man-4-scrapped-as-is-raimi-and-cast-out-franchise-reboot-planned/

Isn’t that what Spiderman 1 was? Plus, Toby Maguire won’t be in it. That’s like doing a SuperBug reboot of Episode 4 and replacing SuperBug’s actor, Jonathan Bloom, with Tom Cruise–maybe that’s not a bad replacement. ANYWAY, we are unsure about the new Spiderman 4 plans. We will be watching them closely.

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SuperBug’s Plot and LOST

Collin and I have finished the final episode of LOST and…we did not like how it ended. We think the creators didn’t know where they were going and didn’t know how to finish up all of the plot holes.

We want you, the viewer, to know that SuperBug WON’T go that route. We DO know where the plot of SuperBug is going. We write the script for each episode before we film, but we have the general plot outline mostly figured out. If/when we do end the series, we promise you that we will watch EVERY episode and look for ANY lose ends and explain them. The LOST writers could have AT LEAST done that! The show may be hard to follow, but we think it does make sense. Do keep in mind though, we do this strictly for fun and thus it’s sometimes an experiment. We hope you enjoy the show and if you have any suggestions, please let us know.

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Episode 11: Anonymouse Communications


SuperBug gets an email from an Anonymouse person. He also learns the truth about Jeremy.
This episode brought to you by Some Obscure Fortune Cookie Company.
Today’s Lucky Numbers: 4 8 15 16 23 42

Find out what happens next when Episode 12: Hacker Pwns SuperBug premieres on TNIWWT.com/SuperBug on July 4th!

Recorded on an iPhone

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What's SuperBug Take 2?

It all started with Tab the Killer Cat

SuperBug Take 2

A crime fighting ladybug that battles EvilCo. It's cooler than it sounds!

New Episode Every Month!

SuperBug Take 2 is the remake of
the original SuperBug series. We decided to completely rewrite the unscripted series (not hard to rewrite unscripted videos) and add semblance of a plot. We hope you enjoy the series!
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