Q&A from Iron Man 2 Viewers

We got asked by Iron Man 2 viewers (Actually, no we didn’t. I just left Iron Man 2, which rocked, and came up with questions people would ask us if we were popular) and we decided to answer them.

  • Question 1: When will there be cool aerial shots of SuperBug
    • Answer: Umm, we don’t have the equipment or the budget to do this.
  • Question 2: When will SuperBug get a cool suit?
    • Answer: Umm, SuperBug is a ladybug and DOES NOT need a suit.
  • Question 3: When will EvilCo become like Stark Industries?
    • Answer: OK, who’s picking the questions—what? Oh yeah, that’s right, it’s me!
  • Question 4: Why was Rhodes replaced in Iron Man 2?
    • Answer: I don’t know.
  • Question 5: Will SuperBug ever have a cool mission control person like the Jarvis computer?
    • Answer: Stay tuned!
  • Question 6: Why are you asking yourself these stupid questions?
    • Answer: I don’t know! I thought it would be funny, guess I was wrong.

That’s all the questions we received…errr…that’s all the questions I could come up with at 11:30 PM. If anyone has any real questions they’d like me to answer, please post them in the comments!

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