Spiderman 4 is a Reboot? WHAT?

Spiderman 4 was scrapped and it’s going to be a reboot of the origins of Peter Parker. http://www.deadline.com/2010/01/urgent-spider-man-4-scrapped-as-is-raimi-and-cast-out-franchise-reboot-planned/

Isn’t that what Spiderman 1 was? Plus, Toby Maguire won’t be in it. That’s like doing a SuperBug reboot of Episode 4 and replacing SuperBug’s actor, Jonathan Bloom, with Tom Cruise–maybe that’s not a bad replacement. ANYWAY, we are unsure about the new Spiderman 4 plans. We will be watching them closely.

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  • Yoda

    Hate the reboot idea!!!!!!
    Why a reboot?!
    Sony dont do it!
    Tobey will always be spidey!

  • http://jonathandbloom.com Jonathan Bloom

    Probably so they can make more money.

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