Episode 7: The Rise And Fall Of The Evil Guy


SuperBug finally confronts the evil guy! Featuring a special recap by the nerdy guy who runs a SuperBug fansite. Yay!

Find out what happens next when Episode 8: Red Alert premieres on TNIWWT.com/SuperBug on 3/6/10.

Filmed on an iPhone

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What's SuperBug Take 2?

It all started with Tab the Killer Cat

SuperBug Take 2

A crime fighting ladybug that battles EvilCo. It's cooler than it sounds!

New Episode Every Month!

SuperBug Take 2 is the remake of
the original SuperBug series. We decided to completely rewrite the unscripted series (not hard to rewrite unscripted videos) and add semblance of a plot. We hope you enjoy the series!
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