Episode 26


It’s me, The News Banner Guy. I was bored while Andy is still unconcious and I decided to look through the video archives. What I found was an unaired episode from when we covered the auditions for The Price is Right host. I decided to put together this video so you could have something to watch. Andy should be hopefully back next week.

-The News Banner Guy

Wahoo! No show this week!

I’m so glad to report that this week’s episode of The 7 O’Clock News has been delayed! WAHOOO!! No, I don’t have the Wahoo flu, I’m just excited to not have to do my job again!

Andy is still unconscious and the show still has no money! Wahoo!! You might ask why I’m still posting to this blog if I’m not being paid…well….my life is so sad and depressing that I find enjoyment out of tearing down other people….I need to go order some food from Chipotle on my iDevice…if only I had an iDevice like Jeff McClarken….

-The News Banner Guy