Poll: Does Andy Salmon Deserve an Emmy?

After Episode 27, we decided we'd like to ask you if Andy Salmon deserves an emmy.

Episode 28

Hey everyone!

Just thought I’d make a post letting all of you know that Episode 28 is coming next Tuesday… Jonathan just came over to the studio and we filmed most of the episode just a few minutes ago…. he’s walking out to his car as I write this, but most of it was shot this afternoon, there is only one more scene to do and I’ll probably get around to doing it on Saturday, but rest assured, there WILL be a new episode on Tuesday.


A Look Behind the Scenes

Hey everyone!

I thought I would tell you about how an episode of The 7 O’Clock News, goes from an idea, to a brand new episode every Tuesday. First off, every episode starts with the script. Most of the scripts for the show are written at some point during the beginning of the week ( Monday-Thursday). Once a script is finished it gets sent off to all of the people who are involved in the episode.

The next step is filming. Once a script is finished, whoever is involved will go and film their parts, this has been done in a ton of different places, whether it be down in either of the two studios ( Studio C & Studio T), or off on location. More recently we have been using a method of sending footage to each other that way we can save ourselves a good 15-20 minute drive across town to shoot 30-60 seconds of footage for an episode. Filming usually happens, at least in the studios during the end of the week ( Friday-Sunday).

Once everything has been filmed and all of the footage has been gathered, the episode is edited. Depending on how much is going on in an episode, it can take anywhere from 1-4 hours to edit. Editing is where we make the episode look like what you see when you watch the finished episode. Alot of times, the footage that was shot originally has to be modified or enhanced to make it look good. Whether that be adding a camera move, or even using the green screen. An example in which an episode was EXTENSIVELY touched up during editing was Episode 17. More than half of the scenes in that episode were shot on a “black screen” which was used to make it appear as though the charcters were kind of in an endless space, but it also feels like a tiny room at the same time. The image you see in that episode has been darkened substantially from the original footage and a light blue tone was added to make the scene seem cold. So editng can be quite detailed at times. Editing usually happens the Monday night before the episode is released the next day.

So it may seem that it is a pretty simple show, but when you really look at it, there’s alot that goes into making just a single episode of The 7 O’Clock News, but thanks to the talented people who work to bring it all together, it is possible to bring you new episodes every week!