What does the future hold?

So here we are, on the heels of our 30th episode of The 7 O’Clock News. It is hard to believe that it has been almost a year since production of the show was started up again… we’ve been at it since March of last year… constantly coming up with new ideas and characters… but now we are focusing on our next 5 episodes. These 5 episodes will change the everything about the show. But the BIG news is a dark secret of one of the characters that throws a MAJOR twist into the entire plot of the show.. you wont want to miss it!



Hey everyone!

Production on Episode 30 is currently under way.. the script is just about complete and we’ll be shooting this week and next week… this one is gonna be great! More comedy! More Scandal! More Action! we’ve got it all! Look for more updates as the episode gets closer to completion… it should be out in about 2 weeks.