What Does The Wrong Number Say?

My parody video of What Does The Fox Say?

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Living Water Mission Trip to Guatemala – October 2012

Riverside United Methodist Church (http://rumcua.com) sent a mission team to Guatemala in October 2012 through the non-profit organization Living Water International (http://water.cc) to drill a well so a village could have clean drinking water. This video is the story of their visit.

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Western Quesadilla – A TNIWWT Minefilm


Howdy, here’s a tale about a quesadilla and the fight that changed an entire town…OK, it only changed two lives…OK, it only filled one person up.

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Craft Spice – A TNIWWT Minefilm


Look at this video, now look back at your video, now back at this video, now back to your video. You wish your video was as cool as this video!

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Minecart Mayhem – A TNIWWT Minefilm


If your boss told you not to go into a mine, would you be able to resist?

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Lost In The Library – A TNIWWT Minefilm


One man goes into the library to find a book. Will he find it? Or will he be lost in the library, forever?

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Bread Winner – A TNIWWT Minefilm

Ninja Wants Bread!

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The Mr. Fluffles Show: Episode 34


We are BACK! The Mr. Fluffles Show has returned with Episode 34! The world never thought it’d happen and the network tried to keep us away, but we return!

On tonight’s performance we are joined by some royalty in our audience, we look at microwaving popcorn and finally footage from a GPS system test. Enjoy the show!

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Where is Jonathan Bloom?

I like the Where The **** is Matt? series of videos and I decided to make my own while I was down at Busch Gardens in Florida.

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Production Update

Find out about the latest stuff coming to The Name I Wanted Was Taken straight from the sets at Studio T

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