Living Water Mission Trip to Guatemala – October 2012

Riverside United Methodist Church ( sent a mission team to Guatemala in October 2012 through the non-profit organization Living Water International ( to drill a well so a village could have clean drinking water. This video is the story of their visit.

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Where is Jonathan Bloom?

I like the Where The **** is Matt? series of videos and I decided to make my own while I was down at Busch Gardens in Florida.

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Eddy Peterson’s Vlog: Blue

Meet Eddy Peterson, who contacted Pedro and is working with Pedro to vlog about his life. In this episode he discuss his love of blue!

Red Button Show: The Sword Fight

From the minds of Scott, Missy, and CarLBanks comes a show so huge that it got it’s own button!

Show Links: Explosion by Inferno from Freesound, Gunshot by Partners in Rhyme

Tab The Killer Cat: The Sequel!

The cat who started it all is back for a sequel!

Space: The Interview

I interviewed Paul Knight of PJKProductions about his latest series.

The Greg Calamity: Episode 1.5

Due to an “accident” Greg Calam and Morkon find themselves in a strange new world.

This episode is not part of the storyline of Episode 2. This is a separate storyline which we call the Point 5 Series.

: Benny Hill music

Show Creator: Planet Of The Sea-Monkeys

Casey McKinnon of Galacticast submitted this idea. I then added my own special touch and I present the finished product!

It probably isn’t exactly what Casey pictured, but that’s the fun thing about Show Creator—you give me an idea and I’ll run with it! So, submit your ideas here and I’ll add it to my list of new show ideas. If you’ve submitted an idea—I’ll be getting to these soon!

Special Thanks To: Casey McKinnon for the idea and for adding her voice (literally) to the project, Mishikawa for Mystic River, SweetNeo85 from Freesound for the Wilhelm Scream

I’ve Got TVs In My Brain – The Music Video

Yes, it is strange, but it’s part of the TNIWWT history. We love this song and think it’s kind of catchy.

I've Got Tvs In My Brain (feat. Collin Seward) - I've Got Tvs In My Brain (feat. Collin Seward) - Single

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Game World

Join Alfred Blok on the adventure of a lifetime!

Attributions: Music from Mario, Zelda, and Halo.

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