The Mr. Fluffles Show: Episode Thirty-Two

Mr. Fluffles and the crew try their hand again at what they used to do…completely live and unscripted comedy!

The Greg Calamity: Episode 1.5

Due to an “accident” Greg Calam and Morkon find themselves in a strange new world.

This episode is not part of the storyline of Episode 2. This is a separate storyline which we call the Point 5 Series.

: Benny Hill music

Show Creator: Planet Of The Sea-Monkeys

Casey McKinnon of Galacticast submitted this idea. I then added my own special touch and I present the finished product!

It probably isn’t exactly what Casey pictured, but that’s the fun thing about Show Creator—you give me an idea and I’ll run with it! So, submit your ideas here and I’ll add it to my list of new show ideas. If you’ve submitted an idea—I’ll be getting to these soon!

Special Thanks To: Casey McKinnon for the idea and for adding her voice (literally) to the project, Mishikawa for Mystic River, SweetNeo85 from Freesound for the Wilhelm Scream

The Search For The Perfect Gift

CarLBanks realizes he only has two weeks to come up with the perfect gift for his sister Jennifer! Join him on his quest to find the ultimate gift!

Here are only the positive reviews.

“This movie is THE Movie Of The Year! I laughed, I cried, I slept—all in one movie!”
Frank Addinson of A Bunch Of Reviews

“The Search For The Perfect Gift completed my Search For The Perfect Movie!”
Alfred Blok

“If you only see one movie this year then see at least four! Make this movie one of your four!”
Gregor Phillips of Cheesy Reviews

“A brilliant tribute to how awesome a sister Jennifer is”

Links: Alchemist by Michikawa, Pictures from Stock.xchng

Project Vlog: Penn-Brad Oil Museum

On Saturday we went to the Penn-Brad Oil Museum and I had a great time. I definitely learned a lot about oil rigs that I never knew before.

Show Links:
Penn-Brad Oil Museum

I’ve Got TVs In My Brain – The Music Video

Yes, it is strange, but it’s part of the TNIWWT history. We love this song and think it’s kind of catchy.

I've Got Tvs In My Brain (feat. Collin Seward) - I've Got Tvs In My Brain (feat. Collin Seward) - Single

Amazon MP3





The Mr. Fluffles Show: Episode Thirty-One

This week Spyro from SuperBug is our special guest star.

Project Vlog: Episode Seven – Reach Workcamp

I’ve gone to Reach Workcamp for the past few years. I absolutely don’t regret going and I recommend it to everyone. It’s a life changing experience!

Attributions: In The Mood by Glenn Miller.

SuperBug: Part Five

SuperBug is back in the fith part of the edge-of-your-monitor adventure!

The Mr. Fluffles Show: Episode Thirty

It’s the thirtieth episode of The Mr. Fluffles Show; but this episode has nothing to do with The Mr. Fluffles Show!

: Tornado and Harbor pictures from stock.xchng, (Modified) am beep.wav by NoiseCollector, largex.wav by inferno.

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