Pedro's Restaurant: Episode 1

Eddy Peterson’s Vlog: Blue

Meet Eddy Peterson, who contacted Pedro and is working with Pedro to vlog about his life. In this episode he discuss his love of blue!

The Green Screen Show: Mr. Scoom

Who’s Mr. Scoom? We don’t know,but maybe you can tell us!

The Mr. Fluffles Show: Episode 33

The Mr. Fluffles Show is back for Episode 33 and it’s bigger and better than ever!

Carl's Neighborhood: Episode 3

Pedro gets trapped in Carl’s mind!

Johnny's Playground: Johnny's Xbox

Johnny discovers the Xbox…and he’s not supposed to play with it!

Johnny's Playground: Johnny's Door

Johnny’s back and he wants to show you his door!

Project Vlog: Elena’s Carousel Ride

We went to the Zoo around Thanksgiving and we took Elena on the carousel.

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